Child Care Software Solution

Powered by numerous algorithms and logic, child care managers can easily locate each child's data. The software organizes all pertinent details from the child's history to teacher and family information - all accessible at the touch of a button.

Next Level Customer Service

With the steady and powerful support of AWS, our cloud computing platform enables fast customer requirements response times.


New challenges arise for child care managers every day, which is why we are always thinking ahead to create solutions, before our potential customers even know that they need them. Our approach is to think outside of the box, where creativity is our top priority.

Child Care Management Challenges?

Managing a child care centre is always evolving. Paper-based documentation and records management have been gradually replaced by computers and technology. With the progress of technology, more companies realize the importance of adopting the right software solutions. Why? Because with the right child care management software, processes will be streamlined and overall time and efficiencies improved.